Proactive starch testing pays off

“I brought this technology to this business to take a proactive approach to what could have been a problematic year. Calibrate® Technologies gives me the greatest insights on starch digestibility and the amount of starch that is actually available to the rumen microbes.”

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Martha Baker
Nutritionist, New York

Milk fat depression

“The higher the feed costs get, the better investment this service becomes. It helps us make sure we are not overfeeding or underfeeding in a particular area. And, it gives us a better idea how the ration is going to react within the cow before we even feed it to her.”.

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Johnny Van de Pol
1,200 cows, Texas

Ration cost savings

“This program helped me to challenge myself as a nutritionist to feed lower starch diets. It is possible to formulate diets with low starch and get results. Calibrate® technologies has helped me to be more confident in my ration formulation.”

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Vernon Metcalf
Nutritionist, Wisconsin

Starch impacts corn hybrid selection

“Without the insights from the Calibrate® Technology rapid starch tests, it’s just a guessing game if component, dry matter intakes or production fluctuations are resulting from starch variation.”

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Margaret Winsyrg
Nutrition specialist, Idaho

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